Friday, July 30, 2010

Exhibition: Digitize your World


"Digitize your World" Exhibition, 26 July - 9 Aug, 2010

The use of technology in the documentation and analysis of the different aspects of heritage is an inevitable approach for the preservation and conservation of cultural and natural heritage is. Although the range of documentation methods vary from traditional to advanced techniques, from measuring tapes, photography, Totalstation surveying, Laser scanning, GPS, DGPS, Photogrammetry, Multi-Spectral Imaging & Analysis and Ultrasound Microscopy, our main concern is to use and apply traditional and advanced documentation and analysis methods in a fully integrated paradigm.

Technology does not work separated from the scientific strong background of the different aspects of the Egyptian rich heritage. Our approach is basically a multidisciplinary integrated solution which comes into action in four stages; research and references, precise and thorough documentation of the current state, building a comprehensive knowledge base of the extracted data to reach the visualization, dissemination, and awareness phase.

”Digitize your world” focuses on issues related to the use of advanced techniques in the documentation of cultural and natural heritage. The exhibit is preceded by a lecture given by Ibrahim El-Rifai, head of Advanced Documentation Techniques Lab.

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