Monday, March 12, 2012

Latest edition of KMT


Thanks to John F. Rauchert for the update:

KMT Volume 23, Number 1, Spring 2012.   Includes Six Feature Articles:

  • “The Amarna Princesses, Aten’s Daughters” by Dennis Forbes
  • “Domenico Fontana Moves the Vatican Obelisk” by Bob Brier
  • “Unique Offering to the God Min at Karnak’s White Chapel of Senusret I ” by Earl L. Ertman
  • “A Pyramid’s Diagnosis” by Gene Kritsky
  • “Commentary & Opinion: The Re-Search for Hatshepsut’s Mummy” by Dennis Forbes
  • “Giant of Egyptology: Ludwig Keimer” by Isolde Lehnert
  • Plus “Nile Currents,” “For the Record” & Book Reviews

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