Monday, March 12, 2012

Projects to display Egypt's heritage in museums

Luxor Times  

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister State of Antiquities, met Dr. Yasser El Shayeb (Director of the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage- CULTNAT) to discuss the ideas of co-operation between them concerning documentation and preservation of the archaeological and cultural heritage. They reviewed during the meeting the possibility of implementing a project to portray three-dimensional images of the Egyptian antiquities by using laser to produce holograms on screens or in the open air without the use of display screens to promote for the less visited and known sites such as Hibs Temple, near Khargha Oasis in the western desert, both nationwide or internationally through the international travel markets which could be a factor to attract tourism and increase national income.

The minister also asked Dr. Yasser to contribute in implementation of Heritage display panorama in Sharm El Shiekh Museum (Under construction)

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