Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cleopatra Exhibition On Display At California Science Center

Santa Monica Mirror (Parimal M. Rohit) 

If the Roman Empire had entirely succeeded in its plans to rid Egypt of all things Cleopatra, the California Science Center would have an entirely different display in its third floor exhibition space.

A myth that has served as the story lines of many a film, novel, and stage production would have remained just that: a myth.

Alas, about 150 pieces of Egyptian artifacts “illuminating the life of Cleopatra VII” fill this very space of iconic museum a few miles south of the downtown Los Angeles skyline.

For the next few weeks, patrons will view large statues and little statuettes, illuminating jewelry, once-valuable coins, and elaborately handwritten notes that were once housed in Cleopatra’s lost palace in Alexandria.

Featuring eight galleries, a four-minute movie, and an IMAX experience, "Cleopatra: The Search For The Last Queen Of Egypt" elaborately connects viewers with a big slice of infatuated and nostalgic history, one that preceded us by several centuries yet has lived mightily through countless tales of an enigmatically fascinating woman. 

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