Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orality and Literacy in Greek and Roman Egypt

Heritage Newspapers (Krista Gjestland)

Visitors to the University of Michigan Hatcher Graduate Library will get a peak into the past through a papyrus exhibit called "Orality and Literacy in Greek and Roman Egypt."

The exhibit showcases ancient Egypt's written and spoken word through the university's papyrus collection. It includes writings from people of all different classes and literacy abilities.

Arthur Verhoogt is the acting archivist of the U-M papyrology collection and is overseeing the exhibit. The items in the exhibit help the viewer gain an understanding of the lives of these ancient people.

"Studying these ancient writing provides us with a window looking on the ancient world," he said. "By contrasting and comparing things that happened then, we may understand similar processes at work in our own society better."

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